Christine Pond - Qualified Human Givens Counsellor

'You can’t change the world but you can change your response to it.'

The Human Givens are the emotional needs we all have as human beings and the resources we have to enable us to meet these needs. HG therapy will enable you to use these resources effectively to resolve your current problem, as well as giving you the skills to deal with any difficult life events in the future. I believe this is the path which leads us to reach our full potential and live in harmony with our values and with each other.

Some comments from clients after just a few sessions:

"I feel great, positive and clearer in my mind about so many things.  I have more clarity than I ever had and feel increasingly at peace - this has been a great experience and very constructive."

"I now understand my problems from an informed perspective and am in a more positive place.  I feel able to move forward and focus on what is really important in my life."

The Mind-Body Connection

During my years of nursing in hospitals and organisations I have found the mind-body connection to be of great significance. Physical illnesses are often related to our emotional health and any loss such as bereavement, redundancy or a relationship ending, can result in physical illness. Understanding our emotional needs and how they can be fulfilled helps us to manage and recover from potentially overwhelming situations.

A relatively recent development in psychotherapy is the greater understanding we now have about how the brain works. MRI scans show that every thought has an effect and you can learn relevant simple facts about the brain, which you can use to take control, in order to enjoy a happier more meaningful life. 

The current popularity of ‘Mindfulness Courses’ is in tune with the HG approach and these skills are particularly helpful for people with anxiety related disorders. You will be able to think more clearly and make better decisions. It will give you ways of controlling your thinking, to alleviate and manage your emotional distress.

The pressure of modern living leads to ‘anxiety related issues’ being high on the list when people are ‘searching’ for help. Click here for more information on managing anxiety.

In Relationship Counselling whether between 2 people, in families or groups/teams it is important for each person to understand the balance between getting their own needs met and supporting the other person in this process. Click here for more information on Couples Counselling.

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